EYP Dictionary

The Officials:

Facilitators at the session ensuring its functionality

Organising Team

  • Head Organisers (HO) the parents of a session, responsible for the Organising Team and the actual happening of the session.

  • Organisers (Orga) reporting to the Head Organisers, they are responsible for the functional part of the session, including but not limited to providing information to participants, maintaining platforms, creating the programme, communicating with guests, etc.

Academic Team

  • President (Presi) responsible for the Academic output of the session, with the help of their Vice-Presidents (VPs) guides the direction of the session via the Chairs.

  • Chairperson (Chair) the body of the Academic team, leaders of the Committees, responsible for guiding their group of Delegates through the session and supporting them amongst other waysmainly academicallywhen discussing the desired topic.

Editorial Team

  • Editor with the help of Editorial Assistants (EAs) directs the public presentation of the session and oversees the results of their team’s work.

  • Media Team Member (MTM) / Journalist (Journo) responsible for documenting the session through pictures, videos, articles or other projects. Their work falls under the supervision of the session Editor.

Jury Team

  • Head of Jury (HoJ) head of the Jury Team, in charge of selecting the next generation of Czech EYPers, sets the selection process, selection criterias, etc.

  • Jury Member oversees the work of Delegates and with other Jurors then selects Delegates who will represent EYP CZ at an International Session/Forum.

Miscellaneous Vocabulary

  • National Selection Conference (NSC) this session! An event usually spanning four days, during which Delegates are selected to represent EYP CZ at an International Session.

  • International Session (IS) the flagship event of EYP, attended by Delegates from all around Europe and beyond.

  • National Committee (NC) the EYP network is composed of 40 different NCsthe representation of EYP in the country, for example EYP CZ.

  • Session Board the President and the Vice-Presidents in charge of the academic side of the session.

  • Team Leaders / Leadership leaders of the different Official’s teams (President as the leader of the Academic Team, the Head Organisers as the leaders of the Organising Team, Editor as a leader of the Media Team, Head of Jury as the leader of the Jury Team).