Session Elements

  • Opening Ceremony This event marks the beginning of the session, during which you will be able to listen to inspiring speeches by distinguished guests and the Head Organisers.

  • Teambuilding One of the core elements of the session and the defining element that separates EYP and diplomatic simulations. During Teambuilding you will get to know your fellow Committee members via playing a range of fun activities.

  • Committee Work During Committee Work, you will discuss your topic, brainstorm ideas and find solutions to the discussed issue and work as a team in order to compose a motion for resolution.

  • Panel Debate The Panel Debate is an event focused on discussing topics with the experts in the field. A debate among the distinguished guests will be led by the moderator and at the end you will have an opportunity to ask questions yourself.

  • General Assembly (GA) The highlight of the session, where all Committees gather to discuss and one-by-one present and defend their resolutions. At the end, there is a voting procedure.

  • Closing Ceremony A proper heartfelt goodbye right after the General Assembly, declaring the official end of the session with different speeches a farewell tradition.