Head Organiser:

Vanessa Nguyen

+420 776 070 786

Vice-President for Projects in EYP CZ:

Adam Palivec

+420 737 843 874

Member of the Board Responsible for Public Relations in EYP CZ:

Daniel Dvořáček

+420 775 134 801

Officials’ Support:

Kateřina Matoušová

+420 775 437 337

Delegates’ Support:

Daniel Janda

+420 778 884 222

External Communication Support:

Mi Nguyenová

+420 775 100 764

Session Email:

Event Safe Person

To make sure the 2nd Digital National Selection Conference of EYP CZ 2021 is a respectful, welcoming environment for all, there will be an Event Safe Person present during the session - this role will be fulfilled by Klára Hanzlíková.

If you observe or experience any behaviour that is inappropriate, offensive or otherwise makes you or others uncomfortable or concerned, you can reach out to the Safe Person at any time during the session via a message on Discord. If you prefer a more face-to-face interaction, a link will also be shared to approach Klára via a 1-on-1 Zoom conversation.

Event Safe Person:

Klára Hanzlíková

+420 777 505 677