Experts and Guests

Jana Weinberg


Jana Weinberg has been working in Professional Services Firms as a Human Resources Manager since 2003. Currently Jana works as a Brain-based Coach, HR Consultant, Mentor and Soft Skills Trainer, helping people to achieve positive change and to reach their full potential, career and personal goals.

Blanka Hudecová, PCC


She is a member of the largest professional organization in the field of coaching in the world. She focuses on business clients from companies who appreciate her style, she works also with high potentionals employees and with people focused on solution.

Her areas of expertise: Business, Career, Leadership, Life, Management, Sales/Marketing, Solution-Focused.

She started teaching this semester at Tomas Bata University in Zlín at technology Faculty.

Blanka Hudecová held a very interesting workshop: Life vision: Basics to successful decision-making.